Output > Input

Its been almost two months since I have written a blog post.  The inspiration has not been there lately.  I can’t form complete concepts with beginnings, middles and ends.  What was fun now seems like a daunting task; something I have to keep up with or else the world will crumble, right?  Wrong.  My absence has caused a few of you to reach out and make sure I am still around.  Yep, still here, but not all there.

less is more.We had a wonderful holiday season with a house full of guests for more than two weeks straight.  Food, family and friends…just what the holidays are supposed to be.  Celebrating life, engagements, new beginnings and catching up with old friends. Taking an un-planned break from blogging and Facebook made me realize how much fun I used to have with my family.  There is no need to ruin a perfectly good moment fumbling with a camera or sending myself an email as a reminder to blog something.

It made me realize that my output is greater than my input.  I have not been taking care of myself the way I should be or the way I want to.  If I momma’s not happy and healthy…well, you know how the saying goes.  Nobody can take better care of me than me.  I am responsible for my own happiness (and health).

So, in an attempt to increase my input so that I can keep up with my output of a SAHWM…I plan to be distant for a while.  Who knows when or if I’ll return.  Blogging as The Barefoot Mom started out as a hobby to poke fun at my Caribbean lifestyle.  When we moved to Texas, I wanted to transition to a message that less is more.  That bigger is not always better.  To enjoy the moments, not the things.  I don’t need to run to the computer every time I have a thought I need to share.  I need to look at my kids, take deep breaths and not worry about blog analytics. In my own practice of less is more, I’m just saying no to blogging right meow.

So, that’s where I will be.  Exercising outside when the weather permits, cooking, baking and crafting; leaning over SC’s shoulder to help her with her homework.  Building race car ramps with SJ in his bedroom.  Reading more to my kids and for my own pleasure.  Laughing more and loving those close to me.

catch ya later,

8 responses to “Output > Input

  1. Thanks so much for the laughs. No worries about trying to continue. In fact, i was just today wondering where you have been lately. Fishing with Ryan tomo — wish us luck. Blessings to you all in your new adventures.

  2. Enjoy making memories!!! My daughter LOVES Austin and all it’s doings, thank you! Selfishly I will miss you!! Love your family they are only little once…xo

  3. Good for you! Love seeing your posts/blogs but ” circling the Wagons”, is my term for what you are choosing to do. Enjoy being present, it’s amazing how it feels to say no and disconnect from all the online social pressure.

  4. I have been feeling the same way for some time now. I hadn’t even been blogging for long. I have health issues as well that must be dealt with first. This internet land & blur blogs will always be here. We can always return. Whenever we want. But there’s no replacement for our health or being present with family. Some can do it & some of us just need space between us & our blog spaces. Thank you for expressing well some of the things I have been feeling lately. Be Blessed, Jeanine your wordpress neighbour

  5. When you get tired of paddling, just float. I have learned to just lean back and let it all go for awhile. There is nothing more Precious, than the memories you make. Everything else is not important, but your Family and sometimes you do have to slack off of friends, get to put everything together. I hope all is is well. Keep your inner warmth. Thank you for sharing. Goodbye until next time.

  6. You guys STILL haven’t made it to SoCongress for dat drink! Ron’s been on island since Fathers Day. I’m joining in a couple of weeks. You know where we live. We invite company to both!

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