Fo’ Free Friday: San Marcos Lions Club Swimming

As long as Central Texas doesn’t dry up and become a desert, there will always be GREAT watering holes.  To us, growing up, and now teaching our kids, a watering hole is some out-of-the-way place that we jumped in to cool off.  For my dad, it was always somewhere on the side of the road or out in the country.

This Friday, a gang of us went to San Marcos via NYC (meaning it took forever for us to get there for various reasons) and finally settled on the river bank at The Lions Club.   

This is a great spot to spend an afternoon or even a day.  To swim and use the picnic tables is FREE.  I even spotted a playground around the corner just in case the water got boring, though it never did.  I met my Oldest Sister, her Three Girls and a few obnoxious teenagers to celebrate the youngest’s entry into her freshman year of highschool.  Or maybe, surviving junior high.  The Oldest packed a ton of food and beverages, which made it even better for me (I am still the baby).  We staked out a picnic table with a grill for the hot dogs and plopped way too much stuff down (not my stuff, theirs)

Before I knew it, the obnoxious teenagers were already in the freezing water with my two littles right behind them.  Well, when you tell SJ to jump in the water, he’s gonna do it!  The water was a tad bit to deep for my littles on the side where you enter, but once you crossed, there was a shallow area where the kids could play freely.  It was fun to see the kids reaction to FRESH WATER. The water was COLD and so refreshing, especially come July and August.

We spent the afternoon playing in the water and even did a lazy tube ride. The kids had a blast and I could KICK myself for not having a waterproof camera. 
Um, ok, here is the deal:  Bring your own tubes so you don’t have to rent any.  More specifically, bring your tubes already aired up.  The Lions Club charges $2 for air.  Not a lot, I know, but I am really trying to keep it free, people;  AND if you go as a group, have someone park at the end of the tube ride so you don’t have to pay for the shuttle. (although, the bus ride in itself was an adventure.  Especially with our bus driver who was a 50 something ex South West Texas non-graduate who spent too much time at Sewell Park)

To use the grounds and swim is FREE any day of the week.  If you rent tubes or use any of their services, here are the prices:

What I Brought: Picnic fixings compliments of my Oldest Sister, water toys, sunblock, towels AKA The Park Bag, lots of water, unaired tubes
What I Wished I Brought: Aired up tubes, waterproof camera, blanket / quilt to lay out on the grass to let the kids spread out a little.  {I had an awesome quilt that stayed in my car specifically for the beach.  Must find one specifically for the parks…}

There are bathrooms on site as well, free for use.  And of course, there is always a free hippie show:

3 responses to “Fo’ Free Friday: San Marcos Lions Club Swimming

  1. I love taking the little ones to ‘watering holes’. Around here, though, it’s hard to find freshwater that is higher than knee deep. But it makes it fun for the little ones and it’s a blast to watch them play. And the reward of peace and quiet at the end of it all is great too! Mine always pass out before we get home, and sleep for a couple hours! :-)

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