Baked Eggs. Really.

Yes, I know roosters don't lay eggs. My niece took this photo and I wanted to use it. A big cock at The Ranch.

There is NO shortage of fresh eggs around these parts. For me, its my MIL and Bestie that have their own fowl running free who are supplying us with our egg fix. Soon, we will have our own laying hens in the country; something I have wanted for a very long time. No one in Texas should be buying store-bought eggs with the abundance of fresh eggs around these parts. If you need a hook up, let me know. She delivers to Austin.

Yesterday, I saw a postings from EasyLunchBoxes about Baking Eggs to achieve a hard-boiled-like juevo.  Really?  I’ll give it a go…in mom’s oven, just in case they decide to explode!  We eat hard-boiled eggs all the time.  Its a quick way for the kids to get filled in the morning and you certainly can’t beat the protein benefits.  Hard boiled eggs are easy to transport for walks in the stroller or morning errands in the car.  The selling point for me was that baking FRESH eggs this way was the ONLY way one reader was able to peel them with ease.  Have you ever tried to peel a FRESH hard-boiled egg vs. a store-bought hard-boiled egg?  Not easy. 

And here is how it goes down:

Preheat oven to 325.  Put your {fresh} eggs in a muffin pan to contain the ova just in case they do explode.  Nobody likes egg in their oven.  I saw some readers who have been doing this for years just put them right on the oven racks; brave souls.  Bake for 25-30 minutes, let cool and peel.  There are a myriad of other suggestions on how to achieve baked-eggs greatness you can go read about.

How did MINE turn out and will I do it again??? Twenty-five minutes later, I cautiously pulled them out of the oven thinking the change in temperature would surely make them explode in my face.  No one likes egg on their face.  They didn’t.  I let them cool on their own for 20 minutes before I attempted the peel test.

Peel Test: Brown Egg.  Totally did not peel with ease.  BALLS.  This was supposed to work. 

Next, Pale Blue Egg:  Totally worked.  Peeled like a charm.

Appearance:  See the brown spots on the eggs?  Others said this was where they sat in the muffin pan.  Doesn’t bother me one bit.  When I cut them, the yolk seemed exactly the same.  We usually don’t eat the yolks unless I am doing egg salad or deviled eggs.

Taste:  HOT DAMN!  There was no difference in taste.  They were smooth and velvety, just they way an egg boiled in water is.

Will I bake eggs again?  Yes, probably.  I like the ease of just popping them in the oven and turning a timer on.  Not that it is so much easier than boiling, but I have to keep an eye on boiling eggs.  I felt like this was just a TAD bit easier in my life.

Now, go try and let me know how your’s turned out or if you have any tips to share!


5 responses to “Baked Eggs. Really.

  1. Great post! So happy you found this on my FB wall :) – So I’m one of those who have done it right on the oven rack (you just put a baking sheet underneath to catch anything, but so far, there’s been little to no mess… I always wait longer than 20 minutes to peel. Like refrigerate for a while at least…. maybe it you do, the brown egg will peel easier???

  2. Thanks for the comment Kelly! My MIL / chicken expert says that some variety of chicken eggs just don’t peel well. Store bought eggsd have been genitically engineered to peel easily. I’ve been a fan of your LB system for a few years now. I need new ones before school starts. Thanks for all the great info, tips, recipes and suggestions. xoxo bfm

  3. i just started getting eggs from my buddy, barefooter nate. he told me about baking them and said his wife knew how. she is hard at work as a nurse… sooooo, i went on the internet. and found this and your blog. thanks for the advice. the eggs are cooling now. gawd i love the internet.

  4. Too funny. Glad you have the knowledge to do your own research :) I actually do not bake my eggs on a regular basis, I just wanted to try. How did your’s turn out? Because we use our own free-yard-bird eggs, the don’t peel as easily, as mentioned. I read, and have started adding a spoon full of vinegar to water to boil them in. So far, I can attest, that it works. The eggs are much easier to peel. xoxo thanks for stopping by! bfm

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