Oh My Papaya!

The Papaya.

I thought I would start the year off with fresh papayas. The perfect combination of green and orange fruit abundant year round just about anywhere on St. Croix.  And the possibilities are endless.  There was a welcome basket of papayas on our doorstep one afternoon shortly after we moved into the new house from our Cruzan Heart neighbors, picked right from (one of ) their tree {from the looks of the papaya grove by their house, I think they might be moonlighting as papaya farmers}.  Who needs The Pineapple as the universal welcome sign when you have Papayas?

These papayas are growing on the side of our road.  Soon, they will be in our tummies.

Papayas can obviously be enjoyed in many different ways.  Just like other abundant (read free) tree grown fruits on St. Croix, you learn to cook with them and incorporate them in everyday dishes.  Here are some of our favorites:

Use in place of tomatoes in your favorite home-made-pico.  The sweetness of the papaya blends perfectly with the hotness of jalapeno. (sorry- no photo yet)
Green papaya salad.  Recipe here with grilled shrimp and mangos if you have some fresh ones on hand  If not, just omit!

Dried out papaya seeds contain the spiciness of cracked black pepper.  Just scoop out the seeds, place on paper towel in a safe place and let Mother Nature do her work.  Coat your favorite fresh fish in this stuff, grill and put it in your mouth to enjoy.  You won’t be disappointed.

Here is an entire website devoted to The Papaya Seed.  Colon cleanse instructions included.  Had to share.

The Papaya Smoothie: 

photo ellie miller for martha stewart,  not bfm image

photo ellie miller for martha stewart, not bfm image

Martha sent me this recipe a while back, and I alter it with almond milk.  My stomach + yogurt + mornings is not a good combo.   I freeze VERY ripe fruit to add to my regular morning smoothies in place of bananas.

Unless we are making Green Papaya Salad, we like our papayas a little on the riper side, they tend to have an orange glow about them and tend to be a bit sweeter.  Unlike the mango, they are very easy to handle and cut.  Just slice the fruit with the long-ness of the fruit so you have two exact pieces.  Scoop out the seeds to use (see above) and chow down on the melon-like consistency innards.

Here is to your health in 2012!

2 responses to “Oh My Papaya!

  1. Hey, thanks for the link to CH. Every little bit helps Only have renters so far scheduled in March.

  2. Not a prob! We have friends coming in March and I got on your calendar to see your availibility…already booked that week! Oh- Well!

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